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A deeper connection to nature

A closer connection with others

Our greeting cards give you both.

With images drawn from the boundless beauty of sky and weather, our handmade cards are a great way to connect with others, one that never goes out of fashion!

Blank Greeting Card


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Below is an assortment of some of our most popular greeting cards.

Dreamers in Flight Set Sail
The Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion, light-years across, is the birthplace of new stars and planets.
On the fog-bound shore, the soul grows large enough to encompass the whole sea.

We Fit Together Summer Riot
We Fit Together
Price: $4.00
Puffy fair-weather clouds dance together across a backdrop of white cirrus cloud in the deepening dusk.

Bumblebees swarm the marigolds on a sunny summer day in the garden.

Follow Our Hearts Wondrous Day
Follow Our Hearts
Price: $4.00
Wispy fog still remains an hour after dawn and affords a time of quiet seclusion in the forest.

Dawn clouds are lined with light as the sun sends rays spreading across the sky.

Wet With Rain North Woods Autumn
Wet With Rain
Price: $4.00
Beads of jewelry left behind after a rain shower.

North Woods Autumn.