A deeper connection to nature

A closer connection with others

Our greeting cards give you both.

With images drawn from the boundless beauty of sky and weather, our handmade cards are a great way to connect with others, one that never goes out of fashion!

Blank Greeting Card

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Below is an assortment of some of our most popular greeting cards.

The Sea The Path
Watch the tide of red light wash over sky and sea, and dream as you dig your toes into the sand.

The path is not always clear but the reward is the deep part of the wood.
North Woods Autumn Each Moment Sublime
North Woods Autumn.

The moon plays hide-and-seek with the clouds on a mystical midnight.

Wet with Rain Follow Our Hearts
Follow Our Hearts
Price: $4.00
Beads of jewelry left behind after a rain shower.

Wispy fog still remains an hour after dawn and affords a time of quiet seclusion in the forest.

Fling Your Banner Falling Light
Fling Your Banner
Price: $4.00
Falling Light
Price: $4.00
The sun is just glad to be here, and she celebrates her presence with great fanfare. Celebrate with her!

Like icing flowing down, tufts of rain catch the orange light of sunset as they fall.