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Peasant Blouse Two Point Oh
Peasant Blouse Two Point Oh

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The storm’s tall anvil cloud towers high above its children, billowing cumulus near the ground which may grow up into the stratosphere themselves in an hour or two and share in the late afternoon sunshine.

Laguna Woods, California, December 2011

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In the low light at sunset, a few stray clouds remain from the day but most of the low clouds are dissolving. High cirrus clouds are in the sun's full light, acting as a backdrop for the dance! Invite someone into the scene and share the wonder of the sky in all its beautiful diversity. Makes a great birthday card!

This 5 x 7 Greeting Card has a high-quality archival print mounted on the front, which makes a great framed print by itself. The card stock is heavy linen paper with a squared writing texture. The card title and a description of the scene or weather event is printed on the back. Comes with envelope, extra envelopes with each order.

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