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Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice

Card Collection

Celebrate the darkest night
and welcome in the coming light!

Boxed set of twelve blank cards. Three cards of each title, with 15 envelopes. Title and description are on the back of each card.

Love's Winter Quilt

When winter’s whiteness falls upon the forest, you can touch the sky with your finger. The starkness of the world empties the soul of what is not essential, recalls what truly is.

Forest in the Fog

The fog that makes kaleidoscope of the morning sun won't be around long, as the coming warmth begins to evaporate the night's lingering mist.

Fling your Banner

The sun flings her radiance boldly across the heavens and she’s not shy about it. Her joyous light and warmth powers all the weather of planet Earth and sustains every living thing upon it.

Cotton Sundown

Pencils of sunlight draw forms on the underside of a vast anvil cloud, thrown up and out from a storm now nearly spent and slowly falling back to earth.

Card Collection Box is 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1" with clear top. Two or more Gift Boxes are 20% off your order!

Price: $18.00

Product Code: G-09

The Winter Solstice is the turning point in the Sun's yearly cycle, when days begin to lengthen and the Earth moves towards warmer times ahead. It's always a comfort to know the darkest night is past...share your warmest thoughts with the rest of your world!

Twelve blank greeting cards, three cards of each scene, plus 15 envelopes come in a clear-top box with band. The title and description of the scene are on the back of each card.

"Winter Solstice" Card Collection.........$ 15.00

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