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We Are Eternal ~ Canvas Print
We Are Eternal
We Are Eternal

Alternative Views:

Three separate cloud layers present themselves at once, as sunset paints them three different colors: high cirrus is white, mid-level altocumulus bright red, and low cumulus is in shadow, just visible floating over the darkened forest, whose shape it seems to mimic.

Kansas City, Missouri, 1998

Price: $125.00

Product Code: PC-C-01


It is rare to see three distinct cloud layers all showing off their best features in this evening sunset view. It looks for all the world like something Turner would have painted, had in lived in the American Midwest!

If you like the look of a hand-brushed oil painting, then the Canvas Print is for you! I choose images that really lend themselves to the look, as when Mother Nature on occasion presents us with scenes that are truly living masterpieces.

We use archival ink to print on canvas, then brush a clear acrylic finish over the stretched fabric to resemble the brush strokes of a master painter following the lines and forms in the image. The 9" x 12" canvas is mounted within a satin-black or natural wood frame, ready to hang.

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