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Valentine's Day

Mr. President ~ Thank you for your duty!

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Dreaming We Fit Together
Price: $4.00
We Fit Together
Price: $4.00
Pockets of fog stirred up by the faint morning breezes drift across the treetops.

Puffy fair-weather clouds dance together across a backdrop of white cirrus cloud in the deepening dusk.

At the Firefly Ball Love's Sweet Ripples
A Midsummer Dance! On a warm August night, fireflies caroom and swirl together in a gentle frenzy across the gathering dusk.

Like a Monet painting, the scene reveals earth, water and sky all at once, as ripples flow out across a pond.

Simple Magic
Simple Magic
Price: $4.00
A wide arc of rainbow falls upon a rain shaft that is already lit bright by the crimson light of sunset