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The Heart of Summer
The Heart of Summer
The Heart of Summer

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The Heart of Summer

Card Collection

Greeting Cards of Summer's Carefree Days

Boxed set of twelve blank cards. Three cards of each title, with 15 envelopes. Title and description are on the back of each card.

The Heart's Horizon

As the sun dives below the earth, it flings its fading light back towards us, lighting the cloud remnants still roiling with turbulence many miles below.

You Are Not Alone

A thin fog hovers over the favorite swimming hole of an early morning visitor.


A lone soul watches in wonder as the revelry sparks across the night, a joyous multitude sending their golden flares out into the glade’s soft evening air.

Missouri River Sunset

There is something special about the place where our heart first beats. It is where we return to restore our selves on the journey toward river’s end.

Card Collection Box is 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1" with clear top. Two or more Gift Boxes are 20% off your order!

Price: $18.00

Product Code: G-06

Celebrate the fullness of summer!

Twelve blank greeting cards, three cards of each scene, plus 15 envelopes come in a clear-top box with band. The title and description of the scene are on the back of each card.

"The Heart of Summer" Card Collection.........$ 18.00

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