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Sympathy Greeting Cards

When someone you know has suffered loss, it can be hard to know what to say. A thoughtful card from you is one way to offer your presence and let them know in a very personal way that you empathize with their loss.

Choose from our dramatic selection of photography of nature and the healing sky to create your own condolence card. Compose a personal message to be printed inside the card, or use one of our original inscriptions to express yourself. Blank cards also available. All cards $3.25 each, ten cards or more 20% off.

However you design your card, your caring will be appreciated. And if you're late? There is no statute of limitations on grief. Comforting contact is welcomed even more after the loss, as time goes by.

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We Are Eternal We Cannot Be Lost
We Are Eternal
Price: $4.00
We Cannot Be Lost
Price: $4.00
Three separate layers of cloud each add their own gifts to the panorama of sundown over the darkening forest.

Misty dawn arrives in the forest as it receives the sun's first warm greeting.

You Are Not Alone Beloved
You Are Not Alone
Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
A morning swimmer glides through the solitude of nature

A vineyard outbuilding guides like a lighthouse through California fog as dense as water.

Angels in the Snow Between Worlds
Between Worlds
Price: $4.00
When cherished animal friends pass away it is losing a family member. In deepest snow, two deepest friends follow the path through the woods.

Two altitudes and two worlds: the earth's rim divides the night from the day as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Terra Firma Siamese Sunrise
Terra Firma
Price: $4.00
Siamese Sunrise
Price: $4.00
The final lightning and thunder crashes to earth, even as the sun bursts forth to announce that the three-hour thunderstorm is over.

With sweltering air nearly humid enough to drink, Bangkok's thick sky catches the fingers of sunlight spilling down through morning clouds.
Prayers for Light Silent Realms
Prayers for Light
Price: $4.00
Silent Realms
Price: $4.00
As if on cue, a perfect hole opens up in the storm, letting us see that the sun is still in place beyond, the world is as it always was.

Clouds drift across the surface of the sky, following paths across different backdrops.

Storybooks Evening Gift
Price: $4.00
Evening Gift
Price: $4.00
Endless stories unfold in the air as we watch hidden forces write the compelling drama of nature.

The languid glow of sunset warms our hearts and invites wondrous dreams.

The path
The Path
Price: $4.00
The path is not always clear but the reward is the deep part of the wood.