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Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters

Alternative Views:

The seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, to the Greeks, the Pleiades shines brightly enough to spot easily on a clear night in the constellation Taurus. If so, they are very young daughters, only 100 million years or so, and as they dance together across space through a cloud of interstellar dust, they make a sprightly and vibrant family.

Taken in Cameron, Missouri, 2012

Price: $4.00

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The Pleiades are easily seen in the sky in the autumn and winter months, and will warm the heart of anyone who sees them. Share their bright affection in the handmade card and send them a special message inside!

This 5 x 7 Greeting Card has a high-quality archival print mounted on the front, which makes a great framed print by itself. The card stock is heavy linen paper with a squared writing texture. The card title and a description of the scene or weather event is printed on the back. Comes with envelope, extra envelopes with each order.

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