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Saint Valentine's Year
Saint Valentine's Year
Saint Valentine's Year

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Saint Valentine's Year

Card Collection

Celebrate the love of Saint
Valentine all year!

Boxed set of twelve blank cards. Three cards of each title, with 15 envelopes. Title and description are on the back of each card.

Universal Grace

Like a cosmic jewel displayed on black velvet, the Lagoon Nebula billows out across space, creating new stars and planets.

Wet With Rain

A pink rose greets the sunshine adorned in the jewelry that a summer rain has left behind, clear pearls strewn casually across the garden.

In the Quiet Wood

Seeds like tiny angels adorn a forest blossom before they drift off to create new life and new communities in Nature’s garden.

Love's Companions

Like love, the Bleeding Heart's brightest flowers come after the heart has seemed wounded, yet they blossom forth under the healing power of nature.

Card Collection Box is 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1" with clear top. Two or more Gift Boxes are 20% off your order!

Price: $18.00

Product Code: G-10

The love of Saint Valentine is available not only on February 14 but any day of the year! Let everyone in your life know you love them.

Twelve blank greeting cards, three cards of each scene, plus 15 envelopes come in a clear-top box with band. The title and description of the scene are on the back of each card.

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