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Return of the Spring
Return of the Spring
Return of the Spring

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Return of the Spring

Card Collection

Greeting Cards of Springtime Weather

Boxed set of twelve blank cards. Three cards of each title, with 15 envelopes. Title and description are on the back of each card.

Earth's Spring

Swelling from a tiny cloud in less than half an hour, this developing storm is already producing a partial rainbow below the clouds.

We Fit Together

Lingering fragments are all that is left of the day's cumulus clouds, and they dance together in the orange light of sunset.

Love's Companions

When plants were being named in the Garden, the Bleeding Heart was easy. Like love itself, it heals as it brings our own hearts to blossom.

Thank You

The forest floor receives dawn's golden light with grace, as it pours from the treetops through the sleepy night mist.

Card Collection Box is 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1" with clear top. Two or more Gift Boxes are 20% off your order!

Price: $18.00

Product Code: G-04

The Midwestern spring is a time of dazzling change as the earth and sky both burst from their long cold sleep. Storms and calm, hard rain and dazzling clear skies can happen, sometimes all inside of an hour. Share the spring wild sweetness with this collection designed to lift anyone's spirits.

Twelve blank greeting cards, three cards of each scene, plus 15 envelopes come in a clear-top box with band. The title and description of the scene are on the back of each card.

"Return of the Spring" Card Collection.........$ 15.00 .

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