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Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust

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Come, out the window! I believe we can fly!

Cirrus Uncinus clouds depend on dust particles to condense moisture from the air. Without the dust there would be no magic, no feathery wisps of ice falling gracefully across the broad expanse of sky, firing our imaginations.

Kansas City, Missouri, 1999

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I've sprinkled you with pixie dust
Fly away with me!

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Like a painter experimenting with different brush strokes, nature can puts on a display of great beauty and diversity using simple means, just air and water. These sprightly cirrus clouds always seem to make the day more full and more pleasant by giving depth to the sky and space to our imaginations.

This 5 x 7 Greeting Card has a high-quality archival print mounted on the front, which makes a great framed print by itself. The card stock is heavy linen paper with a squared writing texture. The card title and a description of the scene or weather event is printed on the back. Comes with envelope, extra envelopes with each order.

You can order the card blank or have an inscription printed inside, using one of our original verses or compose your own! Here is how your inscription will appear:

* Font: Calligraphic 421 BT Roman, black, with text centered.
* Font size adjusted to match the length of the message.
* Put a period where you want a line break (sorry, no other line breaks possible.) Contact us for any special requests or formatting!

Announcements, business mailings, weddings, events ~ you can also order a completely custom inscription for your next group mailing. Contact us with your special instructions and we will make it happen! We accept Microsoft Word or Word Perfect documents for formatting.

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