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Matted Prints

Nature and sky photography provides a clear and vibrant record of an unforgettable encounter with nature. Our prints come with a matte window and mounted on foam board, so they're ready to frame and hang -- or just display as they are!

Available in three different sizes to accommodate any wall space. The archival pigment-ink images will last for a lifetime! Available framed or unframed.

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Ancient Spark Ancient Spark ~ Print

The same lightning that destroys also creates, fusing nitrogen in the air into nitrates -- plant food!

Price: $25.00
Angels in the Snow Angels in the Snow ~ Print

When cherished animal friends pass away it is losing a family member. In deepest snow, two deepest friends follow the path through the woods.

Price: $25.00
At the Nelson At The Nelson: Imagine!

The Nelson-Atkins Museum's south lawn as it might appear to an active imagination, forty-five hundred years hence!

Price: $125.00
Between Worlds Between Worlds ~ Print

Two altitudes and two worlds: the earth's rim divides the night from the day as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Price: $25.00
Color My Day Color My Day ~ Print

The chances for riches are doubled, as a rainbow points out two pots of gold at once. Irresistable!

Price: $25.00
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy ~ Print

Wispy puffs of cotton fill the sky, floating in the lazy warm breezes of a delicious summer's day.

Price: $25.00
Dog Day Sunset Dog Day Sunset ~ Print

Crackled like fine china, the swollen red sun descends through thickening clouds, dripping its colors on the world below.

Price: $25.00
Dreamers in Flight Dreamers in Flight ~ Print

The Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion, light-years across, is the birthplace of new stars and planets.

Price: $25.00
Dreams Dreams ~ Print

Hundreds of suitors fling their sparks across the dance floor as the nightly promenade begins.

Price: $25.00
Each Moment Sublime Each Moment Sublime ~ Print

Sensuous shadows are thrown onto a field of feathery clouds playing hide-and-seek with the moon.

Price: $25.00
Earth's Spring Earth's Spring ~ Print

A brief spring shower brings welcome rain to the winter earth and sustenance to all that grows.

Price: $25.00
Fireworks! Fireworks! ~ Print

Altocumulus clouds like puffs of cotton absorb the explosion of sunrise in the eastern sky.

Price: $25.00
Fling Your Banner Fling Your Banner ~ Print

The sun is just glad to be here, and she celebrates her presence with great fanfare. Celebrate with her!

Price: $25.00
Happiness Grows Happiness Grows ~ Print

A soaring traveler enjoys a playful romp through the limitless sky.

Price: $25.00
Heaven on Earth Heaven on Earth ~ Print

A star explodes and the neighborhood is never the same. This dense cloud will coalesce into new stars to renew the cycle of life.

Price: $25.00
Hope Hope ~ Print

A thin pencil of sunlight pierces the clouds to write a message of hope on the darkening skies.

Price: $25.00