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Love Greeting Cards

Few ways of expressing affection are as personal or long-lasting as a handmade greeting card. Our photographic scenes from sky and nature will make a memorable message to those you care about, one they will treasure always.

Browse through our collection of vibrant images, then order a blank card, card with inscription, or compose your own special greeting.

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Dreaming We Fit Together
Price: $4.00
We Fit Together
Price: $4.00
Pockets of fog stirred up by the faint morning breezes drift across the treetops.

Puffy fair-weather clouds dance together across a backdrop of white cirrus cloud in the deepening dusk.

The Sea The Feeling is Mutual
The Sea
Price: $4.00
Watch the tide of red light wash over sky and sea, and dream as you dig your toes into the sand.

A young tower of cloud drifts by beneath the massive thundercloud of its parent storm.

Kindness Greeting Card Contours of your Heart
Price: $4.00

From high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the first glimpse of sun surprises a sleepy blanket of valley fog.

Nighttime reverses the breezes in the mountains, and the cool air descends as rivers of fog spill into the valley.

Stir Together Follow Our Hearts
Stir Together
Price: $4.00

Follow Our Hearts
Price: $4.00
Clouds of dust and gas millions of miles across are lit from inside and out as they swirl through space, creating new stars and planets.

Wispy fog still remains an hour after dawn and affords a time of quiet seclusion in the forest.

Seven Sisters At the Firefly Ball
Seven Sisters
Price: $4.00
The stars of the Pleiades dance and spin through deep space together, their affection for one another sparkly clear.

A Midsummer Dance! On a warm August night, fireflies caroom and swirl together in a gentle frenzy across the gathering dusk.

Love's Companions Cloud Disguises
Love's Companions
Price: $4.00
Cloud Disguises
Price: $4.00
Bleeding hearts hang across nature's backdrop like love's very first flowering.

A game of cat and bird? Hard to read some clouds....

Pixie Dust Warm Sun
Pixie Dust
Price: $4.00
Warm Sun
Price: $4.00
As we watch these feathery clouds pirouette across the blue, we start to believe we can follow them!

Walking on the beach with the ones you love as all the world glows golden!

The Grasshopper Baths Love's Sweet Ripples
Grasshoppers frolic in the birdbath, in the garden wet with rain.....

Like a Monet painting, the scene reveals earth, water and sky all at once, as ripples flow out across a pond.