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Kindness Greeting Card

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Lingering fragments are all that is left of the day's cumulus clouds, now that the sun's heat is gone, and they dance A light fog is being chased into the hollows by the oncoming day, far below a peak in the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee.

Tennessee Mountains, 2009

Love and Affection Card | Healing Message | Encouragement

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Blank Greeting Card

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Inscription #1

Sweetness equals Kindness
and you are both.

Inscription #2

At dawn in the silent stillness
My thoughts return to you

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Be transported to paradise high above an idyllic valley, and share the serenity of a quiet dawn in a greeting card that will soothe anyone's spirit.
Each dawn seen from this steep mountainside in the Blue Ridge Mountains is different, as the weather above and the weather below both go through their daily changes. Morning illuminates the fog that has been quietly growing in the valleys all night and now responds to the first faint breezes.

This 5 x 7 Greeting Card has a high-quality archival print mounted on the front, which makes a great framed print by itself. The card stock is heavy linen paper with a squared writing texture. The card title and a description of the scene or weather event is printed on the back. Comes with envelope, extra envelopes with each order.

You can order the card blank or have an inscription printed inside, using one of our original verses or compose your own! Here is how your inscription will appear:

* Font: Calligraphic 421 BT Roman, black, with text centered.
* Font size adjusted to match the length of the message.
* Put a period where you want a line break (sorry, no other line breaks possible. ) Contact us for any special requests or formatting!

Announcements, business mailings, weddings, events ~ you can also order a completely custom inscription for your next group mailing. Contact us with your special instructions and we will make it happen! We accept Microsoft Word or Word Perfect documents for formatting.

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