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Encouragement Cards

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Nothing conveys your personal message like a handwritten card. And nothing is more welcome. Choose from among our encouragement and inspirational greeting cards and order a blank card to write your own note with pen and ink. Or you can have your own personalized message printed in a formatted style inside the card.

All cards $ 3.25 each. Choose ten cards or more for 20% off!

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Dreamers in Flight Between Worlds
Between Worlds
Price: $4.00
The Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion, light-years across, is the birthplace of new stars and planets.
Two altitudes and two worlds: the earth's rim divides the night from the day as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Each Moment Sublime Heart Within Mine
Heart Within Mine
Price: $4.00
Sensuous shadows are thrown onto a field of feathery clouds playing hide-and-seek with the moon.

Pumpkin-colored thunderclouds mushroom up in the frigid air of winter against a curtain of bare trees.

Nature's Seasons Dog Day Sunset
Nature's Seasons
Price: $4.00
Dog Day Sunset
Price: $4.00
Colors of the prism dance and glitter upon the fabric of the early morning weaver's web.

Crackled like fine china, the swollen red sun descends through thickening clouds, dripping its colors on the world below.

Watercolor Sky Through the Heart
Watercolor Sky
Price: $4.00
Through the Heart
Price: $4.00
Sunlight and shadow find their way through a narrow passage to make colorful art on the cloud deck beyond.

A caravan of geese bravely works its way through the turbulence of an oncoming storm.

Big You The Golden World
Big You
Price: $4.00
The Golden World
Price: $4.00
Our magnificent flying machine gives a view of the bigger world, as if we were as large as the world and we ourselves were the light.

A sudden and unexpected opening dissolves out of the wet, dismal clouds, revealing a breathtakingly view of golden skies far above.
Each New Dawn The Heart's Horizon
Each New Dawn
Price: $4.00
The morning splashes us awake with color, as the sunlight fans out over the darkness upon a high thin layer of clouds.

What is this crimson world? As if on another planet, the sky and everything under it is transmuted to purple.

Waves of Being God's Paintbrush
Waves of Being
Price: $4.00
God's Paintbrush
Price: $4.00
As dawn's light filters down through clouds to the deep waters, memories of the sea return us to our origins.

Rain and snow falling through sunset's reddish light seems to ignite the sky.

Flute Calling Dances With Clouds
Flute Calling
Price: $4.00
Standing by the sea shore, one can begin to merge with the wind and water and waves in mutual rhythm.

Clouds do as they please. They dance in joy with the wind, playing hide-and-seek with the sun.