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A canvas print with its own hand-made Cherry wood stand, Easel Art displays an image that might have been painted by a master -- but it's really our nature photography! The collapsible stand holds a 4 x 6 wrapped canvas print and can be used on a tabletop or anywhere in the home.

These make great gifts!

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October Morn Easel Art ~ October Morn

A kaleidoscope of light paints the fall leaves.

Price: $25.00
The Cardinals Easel Art ~ The Cardinals

Cardinals congregate in nature's cathedral as the season's first snowfall patters down.

Price: $25.00
Dog Day Sunset Easel Art ~ Dog Day Sunset

The sun's orb is cracked into fragments by the low clouds of sunset.

Price: $25.00
You Are Not Alone Easel Art ~ You Are Not Alone

A quiet swim in the morning.

Price: $25.00
We Are Eternal Easel Art ~ We Are Eternal

Three different cloud layers add their special colors to the sunset.

Price: $25.00
Wondrous Day Easel Art ~ Wondrous Day

Dawn clouds are lined with light as the sun sends rays spreading across the sky.

Price: $25.00
Painter's Palette Easel Art ~ Painter's Palette

Oil colors mingle together in Mother Nature's one-of-a-kind painting.

Price: $25.00
Walking Thunder Easel Art ~ Walking Thunder

Roiling storm clouds rumble across the sky.

Price: $25.00
Wet With Rain Easel Art ~ Wet With Rain

Beads of jewelry are left behind after a spring rain shower.

Price: $25.00
Summer Riot Easel Art ~ Summer Riot

Bumblebees swarm the marigolds on a sunny summer day in the garden.

Price: $25.00
In the Quiet Wood Easel Art ~ In the Quiet Wood

With wings of silk, tiny seeds prepare to fly off into the forest.

Price: $25.00
Love's Sweet Ripples Easel Art ~ Love's Sweet Ripples

Like a Monet painting, the scene reveals earth, water and sky all at once, as ripples flow out across a pond.

Price: $25.00