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A deeper connection to nature

A closer connection with others

Our greeting cards give you both.

With images drawn from the boundless beauty of sky and weather, our handmade cards are a great way to connect with others, one that never goes out of fashion!

Blank Greeting Card

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Telephone: (816) 765-0080

Below is an assortment of some of our most popular greeting cards.

You Are Not Alone Walking Thunder
A quiet swim in the morning.
Roiling storm clouds rumble across the sky.

Fireworks Dreamers in Flight
Price: $4.00
Altocumulus clouds like puffs of cotton absorb the explosion of sunrise in the eastern sky.

The Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion, light-years across, is the birthplace of new stars and planets.
Fling Your Banner We Are Eternal
Fling Your Banner
Price: $4.00
The sun is just glad to be here, and she celebrates her presence with great fanfare. Celebrate with her!

Three different cloud layers add their special colors to the sunset.
The Cardinals In the Quiet Wood
Congregations of cardinals visit the feeder on winter's first snowfall.

With wings of silk, tiny seeds prepare to fly off into the forest.